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Lee Crutchley designed this book to help designers who have a problem with starting something.

Disclosure Ft Mary J Blige new video directed by Kate Moross. Illustrations also by Ruffmercy.


These are images and assets I created for a Benecol advert I made with Mother London & Vector Meldrew

(via themightypencil)

Amazing drawn typography that looks really 3D.

By Lex Wilson.


A short film with Like Knows Like

Victo Ngai

A few months ago, two nice, hot and talented dutchmen showed up at my tiny Manhattan apartment and together we did a short film. Marije Kuiper is the photographer and Bas Berkhout is the filmmaker.Today you can watch it here!

I always feel a bit awkward around cameras, somehow it reminds me being aimed at by shotguns. Bas was a master of distraction, he managed to stealthily capture me in my natural habitat. I had no idea of some of the footages he took until this film came out! Marije has the talent of finding the one in a million angle which makes me look way prettier than I really am.

Because of my uneasiness with the lenses, I don’t have a lot (presentable) documentary of myself (they are plenty photos of me attacking food, somehow my friends always have their cameras ready when I eat).So thank you Bas and Merjie for this beautiful and genuine production. Also thank you so I can hover the film over my future children and tell them if they have issues with their faces, go talk to their father. 

Special thanks to all my lovely friends who were kind enough join us at the Karaoke scene: Kyle Stecker (BF), Sam Thurman (the tallest white dude in red), Jose(the bearded wolverine), Catherine Chi (the tall asian model-like lady), April Rosenstock (the petite cute white Chick), KJ (the volurious curls white chick) , Robyn Ng (the small adorable Asian chick), Alex Chen (the only Asian dude). 

To check out more beautiful artists profile by Bas and Mer, visit their website:

(Source: likeknowslike)


Hello 2014! Header illustrations for Google’s Play store.


Dribbble: Christmas Shots of the Week

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Some of my favorites from Show Us Your Type : Tokyo

Lovely animation about over-fishing by Ocean2012.

Nice festive illustration by Mette Hornung Rankin. 24 icons to do with Danish Christmas.

Animal prints by Build are really nice.

Lovely animation by Dennis Hoogstad.


The cheat sheet every designer would love. 

By GeekyPrints | Tumblr | Etsy | This item as poster


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